What is this?

Ordered Lists is a way of sorting lists using the wisdom (or otherwise!) of crowds. More about how it all works... ↵

It presents users with a simple choice between two list items selected at random. How an item's score – and therefore position in the list – changes post-win/loss depends on the scores of both it and its opponent, not their positions or an arbitrary increment: a predictable result has little effect; an unpredictable one the opposite. Sound familiar? It's based on the Elo rating system, which received some publicity in the film The Social Network — although this idea came about long before I saw the movie!

You can't fix the results by repeat-clicking or cobbling together some custom HTML: I've built in some server-end fraud prevention.

List creation and administration uses your no-more-than-necessary-I-promise Facebook details. This website remains under active development (so do please bear with me through likely teething troubles).

Tom Hodgkinson, 2013.

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